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We can help you achieve your Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) goals 

ISD provides support on installation and maintenance to County departments and cities looking to expand their EVSE

ISD’s Clean Transportation Team has completed electric vehicle supply equipment installations at 80 locations. In 2022, ISD also completed a workforce pilot with the California Conservation Corps (CCC) and will launch a larger EVSE workforce pilot in 2023 with space for 60 participants from throughout the County.

Request charging stations at your County building

Use this form to request chargers and send the form to

Report a broken or vandalized charger

Send an email to with the location, address, and issue.

SCE Charge Ready help

Southern California Edison (SCE) offers rebates and support for installing EVSE. Get help navigating the SCE’s Charge Ready Program.

View ISD’s User Guide with tips and strategies to successfully participate in SCE’s Charge Ready Program.

ISD is SCE Charge Ready’s largest public partner and has already completed 6 Charge Ready projects, with dozens in the pipeline.

Work with trained conservation corps crews

Learn about the ISD/CCC workforce pilot and get tips on partnering with the California Conservation Corps

Get EVSE training for you or your staff

Reserve a space in the Los Angeles County Regional EVSE Workforce Training Pilot, expected to start in mid- 2023. A total of 60 spaces are open for entry-, mid- and advanced- level workers. The cost of the training course is covered by a grant from the California Energy Commission IDEAL Workforce Program.

How can I work on EVSE installation projects?

Contact us at

In partnership with Cerritos College, ISD will launch an EVSE workforce training, offering skills development in EVSE installation, permitting, and trouble-shooting network communication and maintenance issues.

Program Achievements

CCC Corpsmembers developed skills alongside County electricians. They learned to remove Level 1 chargers and assisted installing Level 2 EVSE.

ISD electricians partnered with Sheriff Department electricians to replace and add new EV charging stations. New chargers are now available at several Sheriff locations throughout the County.