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ISD How do I

We realize that figuring out how to request and obtain services can sometimes be confusing

We created the “How Do I?” page to provide you with consistent, reliable and clear step-by-step instructions, downloadable forms, and contact information, so you have easy access and guidance for all of the services ISD Operations offers!

* Please be advised, some of the following information may be for “Internal Use Only” and may not be accessible.

Access the online WebBASIS website to obtain direct contact information and access to Budget and Billing reports system.

Access the latest ISD Rate Handbook to get rate information on ISD’s services.

Access the Los Angeles Solicitation website to view Open and/or Closed Bid Solicitations.

Visit the SoCalREN website for energy efficiency resources and programs for residents, businesses, and public agencies.

Find out the latest on the Los Angeles County PACE Program, residential PACE program by clicking here.

Access the Purchasing Agreements website to get a listing of all of ISD’s Agreements.

Access the Vendor Payment Information (VPI) for flexibility and convenience of contacting VPI via email, live operator or voice message.

Send an email to ISDHROperations@isd.lacounty.gov to connect with an ISD Human Resource staff member to provide a verbal employment verification.

Complete the online Wireless Request form to request a new, upgrade, reassign, disconnect, etc., cell phone.

Visit Los Angeles County ISD Rideshare Program to get information about Carpool, Vanpool, Transit and Electrifyze the answers to all your electric car questions.

Experiencing a POWER OUTAGE at an LA County Department building?

Contact your building/facilities administrator (or your manager/supervisor) to determine if it’s a utilities issue (which would likely affect more than one building) OR a problem within the building.

If a utilities issue and you are in Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) territory (City of Los Angeles), visit LADWP.com Outage Information page or call 1(800) 342-5397.

If a utilities issue and you are in SoCal Edison territory (unincorporated LA County, etc.), visit SCE.com Power Outages page or call 1(800) 611-1911.

If determined to be an issue within just your building (and your building/facilities administrator is unable to identify or fix the issue), call ISD at (888) 344-4473.

Access the Password  Account Management System to reset or unlock your password.

Submit a public Records Request for Internal Services Department (ISD) under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) by accessing ISD’s public Records Request web portal.  Official records are held by ISD pursuant to governing document retention schedules.

Visit ISD’s Contracting Division site to submit and/or check the status of a Contract Service Request.

ISD Contracting Division solicits and awards contracts for key County services, and serves in an advisory and training capacity for Countywide contracting mandated programs; audits construction contracts for compliance equal rights laws and regulations; and ensures compliance with contracting laws and regulations.

Custodial, Landscaping & Pest Control

How Do I Find My Facility | Click Here

  • Anthony Davis, Division Manager
    Office (323) 607-1073

Direct (323) 703-9691

  • Jermen Mehrabi, Secretary
    Office (323) 627-2090

Direct (562) 659-4009
(For inquiries, Concerns, and/or Complaints, contact the above.)

    Maribel Diaz
    Office (323) 267-22090

Direct (562) 306-8588

    North: William Hidalgo
    Office (818) 897-9139

Direct (310) 425-5911

  • South: Peter Kim
    Office (562) 940-2406

Direct (562) 922-9358

  • Field Operations: Michael Zambrano

Office (323) 607-1057
Direct (818) 298-9127

Department of Operations Center
(323) 835-4741 | 24-hr. Assistance

(562) 302-5068

One Time Custodial, Landscape, or Pest Control Service?

Customers need to fill out a Service Request (SR). Once the SR is completed, submit to CustomerCenterOPS@isd.lacounty.gov.

The Following Steps Will Take Place After Submitting A Service Request (SR):

COVID-19 Cleaning

Since Center of Disease & Control and Public Health requirements for COVID-19 cleaning have relaxed, ISD Custodial & Landscape Division have implemented enhancement cleaning on a daily basis.  Customer now need to fill out a regular Service Request (SR) and submit it to CustomerCenterOPS@isd.lacounty.gov. You may also contact us at (323) 267-3100 for immediate assistance.

How Fast Will Work Get Completed:

During & After Normal Working Hours:

  • Within Four (4)-Hours; ISD Custodial division will respond to all emergency calls including, but not limited to, flood clean up, health and safety matters, fallen tree, etc.
  • Within Twenty-Four (24)-Hour; ISD Custodial division will respond to any COVID requests, deep or enhance cleaning, if it is for one-time service.

After Hours-Emergency:

  • Within Four (4)-Hours; ISD Custodial Division will respond to all emergency calls including, but not limited to, flood clean up, health and safety matters, fallen tree, etc.
  • Within Twenty-Four (24)-Hours; ISD Custodial Division will respond to any COVID requests, deep or enhance cleaning, if it is for one-time service.

There are some instances during unusual service demands that ISD is not able to meet service standards, such as unusual Breakdown or Crisis.


Status of Completed Work
The Contract Monitor for the work in question is accountable to close out the SR with the contact person that made the original request, in addition to informing the point of contact regarding the project completion. For further assistance, please call (323) 267-3100.

  • Custodial Services
  • Landscape Services
  • Pest Control Services

Once the SR is completed, please submit to: CustomerCenterOPS@isd.lacounty.gov.

If you have further questions regarding your Scope of Work (SOW) coverage, please email the Section Manager for your District. To find what district your facility belongs to, click here.

North: William Hidalgo (818) 897-9139, WHidalgo@isd.lacounty.gov
South : Peter Kim (562) 940-2406, PKim2@isd.lacounty.gov
Field Operation: Michael Zambrano (818) 298-9127, MZambrano@isd.lacounty.gov

Customer Center

Steps for completing the Service Request (SR):

This Service Request is used for various services within ISD

  1. Fill out information in fields #2-31 (Other boxes are for office use only).
  2. After filling out fields #2-31, email the completed SR to: CustomerCenterOPS@isd.lacounty.gov.
  3. Once the form is emailed, Customers will receive an Auto-Generated Reply from the Customer Center stating the request has been received.
  4. Customer Center will process the SR and submit it to the Finance Department for approval. After the Finance Department approves the SR and enters it into the BASIS system, Finance will send the approved SR back to the Customer Center no later than the next business day. The Customer Center will then send a copy of the approved SR to the customer and the appropriate ISD craft section.
You can access the Customer Service Portal Guide and the FAMIS Service Portal through these links. For a helpful video tutorial on accessing the portal, checkout FAMIS Customer Portal YouTube Video. For status updates or questions contact the ISD Service Project Manager shown in boxes 33-35 on the SR.


  • Customer Portal Access:
    Mike Sungruengyos, Section Manager, ITS

(562) 359-3831

Need Assistance?
If you have any issues with the status of your work request or the work itself, and you are not able to resolve it with the team performing the services, please contact our Customer Center, Senior Manager, Omar Prioleau, (562) 306-8807 or email OPrioleau@isd.lacounty.gov.

Customer Center only processes Service Request under ISD Operations Services:

Once the SR is completed, please submit to: CustomerCenterOPS@isd.lacounty.gov. If you have further questions regarding your Scope of Work (SOW) coverage, please email the Section Manager for your District. To find what district your facility belongs to, click here. DISTRICTS North: William Hidalgo (818) 897-9139, WHidalgo@isd.lacounty.gov South : Peter Kim (562) 940-2406, PKim2@isd.lacounty.gov Field Operation: Michael Zambrano (818) 298-9127, MZambrano@isd.lacounty.gov

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Email EVsupport@isd.lacounty.gov for all issues related to outages and repairs.

If users need support on how to use the PowerFlex app or the charging stations, they should contact Support@powerflex.com.

Customer needs to complete form Request Chargers and email to EVSErequests@isd.lacounty.gov.

ISD will send the Customer a quote for the initial site inspection based on information identified on the form, and will contact Customer to explain the cost of the initial assessment and what it includes. The Customer will then fill out a Service Request (SR) for the cost of the site inspection via email to EVSErequests@isd.lacounty.gov.

After the initial assessment, if the department wants project implementation to move forward, ISD will provide a quote for services to the Customer along with an Service Level Agreement (SLA). Once the SLA is signed and costs are approved, ISD will work with Customer on a project implementation timeline.

Unlike traditional departments that are fully funded through the budgeting process, the Clean Transportation activities are not. To close the gap on funding short falls the ISD Clean Transportation Team will cover its costs for services by charging fees, effective immediately. Therefore, when you complete a form to Request Chargers, ISD also needs to receive a funded Service Request, with payment information allowing ISD to charge your account when services are completed.

If ISD receives grants or Net County Cost (NCC) funding, the Clean Transportation Team may be able to co-fund a portion of the work. Customers can decide to include project costs in their department budget requests or request that ISD include the project cost in the next round of NCC requests.

Electric Vehicles

Learn how to download and use the PowerFlex app by watching video below or use these instruction to register, load your wallet, and start a charging session using your phone.


Visit https://isd.lacounty.gov/electric-vehicle-and-charging-stations/ for information on how to locate and use a County-operated Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station.

Facility Management Division & Civic Center Support

  • Anet Charbakhsh, Division Manager
  • Office (323) 267-3445
Direct (562) 413-6750
  • Latasha James, Secretary
    Office (323)267-2474

Direct (213) 974-9531




  • Parking Lot Issues
    (213) 974-9505


After Hour Emergency Service
After-hours and weekend support County Operator
(213) 974-1234

We are committed to continuous improvement and to better serve you, we are migrating to a one-stop-shop intake system for work/service requests.

(213) 974-9431

The Facility Management Division was created as a cross functional team to focus on the concentrated needs and support of the County’s Civic Center occupants to support ISD’s “Civic Center Standards of Care” program. Services include:

  • Civic Center Maintenance – Preventative maintenance, facility repair, and facility improvements for Civic Center buildings.
  • Civic Center Custodial – Custodial services encompass comprehensive cleaning, floor care, and dedicated attention to special projects. Civic Center Custodial aims to create clean and hygienic environments for both workspaces and public areas.
  • Special Services – Provides the infrastructure, equipment and setup for special events, constituent meetings, press conferences and other projects such as vaccine PODs and food banks.
  • Coordinated Services – Serves as the coordinating agent for multiple ISD services that support the Civic Center when ISD is delivering large sale projects that require project coordination and communications with the BOS, CEO and customer departments.
  • Parking Services – The Parking Services Section manages 15,000 parking spaces County-wide for departments, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board of Supervisors (BOS) as well as for the public-at-large.


Main Office
(323) 881-3919

Normal Hours
(323) 881-3919

After Hours
(562) 940-3305

Purchase New Vehicles


    • Not listed on Vehicle Replacement Plan

Follow the Vehicle Purchase Checklist

Since every vehicle purchase differs slightly, please contact the persons listed on the Vehicle Purchase Checklist for assistance, if needed.

Purchasing Vehicle Inquiries
Karen Carrillo
(323) 267-2292

Download and install the PowerFlex Application on your smartphone:

First-Time Setup – Click Here

Fleet Charging – Click Here

To dispose a County vehicle, drive the vehicle to 1104 Eastern Ave. Los Angeles, 90063, Door #43 (Fleet intake line), along with completed Fleet 635 Disposal Vehicle Form and advise the Service Writer that the vehicle is being turned in for disposal.

ISD Fleet support staff will then process the vehicle for disposal at public auction by the contracted auction vendor. Sale proceeds from the auction less a 15% Board-approved fee will be returned to your department.

Download ISDs Fleet Mobile app, the Powerflex Mobile app or click HERE for Electric Vehicles and Charging stations.

Install ISD Fleet App

  • Install App on your iPhone or Android smart phone. This ISD developed and maintained app will provide the same map as online as well as provide the closest fuel site to you at the click of a button. This app also provides many other useful features. Download instructions by clicking here.

Fleet & Logistics

  • Nermeen Awad, Manager
  • Office (323) 607-1070

Direct (323) 835-4741

Lisa Martinez, Secretary
(323) 267-2035

  • Michael Sanchez, Fleet Manager
    Office (323) 641-5030
  • Direct (562) 413-3430


  • Leana Anderson, Mail Service Manager
    Office (323) 641-5181

Direct (323) 243-8431

How Do I Register?

Ensure you have already registered with Fuel Focus to obtain fuel and have already acquired your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you have not yet registered, please submit the Fuel Focus Registration Form to the email address on the form for expedited registration. Once registration is complete, the registrant will be sent a confirmation along with instructions how to set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use at the fuel sites.

If you have already registered but have not established your PIN, call (562) 658-1658 to establish it before attempting to obtain fuel.

Select the most appropriate fueling site for your needs from the online fueling map found here: https://apps.gis.lacounty.gov/fuelmap.htm clicking on a site icon will reveal site details such as fuel type available, hours of operation, address and the department it belongs to. Alternately, download the ISD Fleet Mobile App and use the County Fuel Sites function to locate the site most appropriate for you. See separate installation instructions.

Fuel Dispensing Guide
How Do I Pump Fuel?

If you cannot obtain fuel, please contact one of the following numbers for assistance.

During Business Hours

Los Angeles Sheriff Department
(323) 267 – 2169

Los Angeles County Fire Department
(323) 980 – 0546

Department of Public Works
(626) 458-7325

All Others
(323) 881 – 3919

After Hours

All Departments Customer Assistance
(562) 658-1658 OR (562) 940-3305

ISD Fleet has installed an array of numbered lockers just outside their main office at 1104 N. Eastern Ave., Door # 45, Second Floor, L.A., 90063.

Each of the lockers is secured by a combination lock and a knob that latches the door. The combination is a four-digit number which is set by ISD Fleet staff.

When notified by ISD Fleet staff that license plates, registration tabs/cards, and other documents are available, Fleet staff will provide the recipient with the four-digit combination for the locker in which their documents are located.

The recipient can come to the ISD Fleet office anytime between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday – Friday and use the four-digit combination to unlock the locker, turn the knob clockwise to open the locker, retrieve their documents, sign the receipt, place the receipt back in the locker and latch the door by turning the knob counter-clockwise. Spinning the combination dials then locks it and Fleet staff will retrieve the receipt when they arrive at the office. The combination is then changed for the next customer.

Conversely, if the customer needs to drop off documents, keys, etc., they can call the ISD Fleet Services office at (323) 881-3919 and get the combination to an unused locker in which to drop off their items and Fleet staff will retrieve them upon their arrival to the office.

To rent a Motor Pool vehicle you must first be registered as a Motor Pool user:

Motor Pool vehicles are assigned to all ISD Fleet Service Centers, please call to confirm availability. Rental rates are per calendar day and include weekends and holidays.

Rental of ISD Pool Vehicle Inquiries
Ricardo Baires, Jr.
(323) 881-3732

If your County vehicle requires maintenance or repairs, you may call for an appointment at any of our six ISD Vehicle Service Centers.

Alternatively, you may utilize the ISD Fleet Mobile App to schedule a service appointment by using the “Service Appointment” function. View instructions for installing the Mobile App on either Android or iPhone are available.

Note: Certain vehicles larger than a pickup cannot be serviced at our Culver City or Alameda Service Centers. The Hall of Administration Service Center is restricted to vehicles participating in the MSV program ONLY.

The Fleet Services Section provides complete fleet management solutions from purchasing, maintenance and fueling. Services include:

  • Purchasing – Fleet Services will assist you to purchase a vehicle that meets County policy and standards for County fleet vehicles.
  • DMV Services – Fleet Services will assist you to acquires plates, titles, and renewed tags.
  • Maintenance – Fleet Services provides preventative maintenance and repair services to keep your vehicles running safely and efficiently.
  • Fuel – Fleet Services purchase and supplies fuel to 3 County fueling locations so you have easy access to fuel for your vehicles at County locations. Fleet uses Fuel Focus to manage fuel and record your fleet use of fuel.
  • Disposal – Fleet Services will assist you to surplus your County asset in accordance with the requirements of dispositioning a publicly owned asset.
  • Pool Vehicles – Fleet Services offers the ability to schedule the use of a pool vehicle for short term use.
  • Reporting – Fleet Services manages the reporting for vehicle/equipment preventative maintenance services, utilization, fuel use and similar fleet activity reporting.  Upon request, these reports can be made available to you to better manage your assigned fleet of County vehicles.

Mail Services

Main Office
(323) 267-3988

Package with no receipted mail Tracking Label – due to the high volume of daily mail, ISD is only able to track Receipted Mail Tracking Label or a U.S. Postal Service E-certified label which has been metered through our Exela – Metering Contractor, Alan Rozentsvayg at (323) 263-1555

U.S. Mail; i.e., First Class, Presort, Certified, etc.

For further assistance, contact ISDMailSupport@isd.lacounty.gov or calling ISD Mail Services at (323) 267-3988.

Access Mail Tracking System

ISD Mail Services offers the ability to track any inter-office mail to all our customers by using our SendSuite Desktop – Fast Track Mailing System.

Go to our “Fast Track System – Receipted Mail Package Tracking System “ Intranet website located at Home Page – FastMail , log-in is not required.

FastMail System User Guide Tutorial

Please fill out an ISD Mailstop Service Request. Once the SR form is completed, please send to ISDMailSupport@isd.lacounty.gov.

ISD Mailstop Service Request Form Instructions

For more information call ISD Mail Services at (323) 267-3988.

What Is Presort Mail?
UPSP presort mailing is a process of grouping and sorting mail addressed to one zip code before sending it to the United States Postal Service ( USPS). When you organize your mail by delivery location, you can qualify for discounted postage rates, when shipping bulk mail. Check Mail Services, Exela Manager Alan Rozentsvayg alan.rozentsvayg@exelaonline.com to see if you qualify.
What are the Presort Qualifications?
  • o Mail in #10 envelopes or 6×9 envelopes no more than 3.5oz
    o Addresses must be properly set up – typed on the envelope or typed label
    o No handwritten mail
    o If utilizing window envelopes, only the recipient’s name and address show through the window block. No additional print
    o Simple fonts – Sans Serif, Arial
    o 10-12point type size preferred
    o All capital letters preferred.
    o No punctuations
    o Left Justified
    o No extra graphics on the envelopes in clear zone areas
The Mail Services Section provides an array of delivery services that include both US Mail and Inter-County Mail. These services include:
US Mail
County Mail
Same Day Pick Up
Mail Stop Request

Maintenance & Operations

Floyd Willis, Manager
Office (323) 267-2105
Direct (213) 999-6842
  • Melissa Placencia, M&O Secretary
    Office (323) 607-1497

Direct (562) 419-4477


  • District 2 (North), David Harris
    Office (818) 686-1047

Direct (323) 819-3708

  • District 3 (West), Cory French
  • Office (310) 391-9441
  • Direct (323) 313-3943


  • District 4 (South/East), Jesus (Jesse) Manzano
    Office (562) 319-2117

Direct#(323) 513-7502

  • Support I, Guillermo (Bill) Hurtado
    Office (323) 607-1817

Direct (310) 387-4366

  • Support II, Guillermo (Bill) Hurtado
  • Office (323) 607-1817

Direct (310) 387-4366

After Hour/Emergency Assistance
(213) 974-9555

Craft Supervisors Will Contact You with an ETA

Whether you have routed your request through the ISD Ops Customer Center or contacted the M&O District directly, you should receive an estimates time of arrival within 24 hours of the assignment.

What If I Didn’t Get An ETA For The Work?
What If I Am Still Not Able To Get An ETA?

What if I want to keep Track of the Status of the Work Through Completion?

Please click the “How Do I Track the Status of My Work Request?” (noted above) to find out how.

What is Covered Under My Service Level Agreement

ISD has three (3) regional maintenance offices, and one (1) central team service for the Civic Center that houses electrical, plumbing, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), elevator and other recurring maintenance services. There are twelve (12) categories of building systems that are maintained in a basic Service Level Agreement (SLA) by these teams. The SLA matrix provides a detailed breakdown of each of these categories, subcomponents within each category, and what is covered with the SLA for each category.

If it is cited in the SLA matrix, then it is covered in your twelve (12) -month billable services with ISD. The matrix also provides categories of areas that are not included in the SLA regardless of amount, such as vandalism and other issues that are not normal within the course of maintaining a building.

District Contacts

Specialty Support and Repair

In addition to the services offered by the regional maintenance teams, ISD has two (2) support teams that specialize in infrequent services, specialty services and larger maintenance projects. Services include areas such as painting, roofing, concrete, generators, insulation and mold remediation among others.

For a full list of ISD maintenance services please click here.

ISD’s Operations has a Customer Portal specifically designed to aid customers for building maintenance and repair issues being serviced by the Maintenance & Operations Division. In the Customer Portal you can access all the work orders for your department Countywide or for specific locations. The portal will give you all the details of the work order and the status.

You can access the Customer Service Portal Guide and the FAMIS Service Portal through these links. For a helpful video tutorial on accessing the portal, checkout FAMIS Customer Portal YouTube Video.

If you need to register for access to the Customer Portal or forgot your login information, please contact our Customer Center Project Manager, Omar Prioleau, (323) 881-3712 or email OPrioleau@isd.lacounty.gov.

Need Assistance?

If you have any issues with the status of your work request or the work itself, and you are not able to resolve it with the team performing the services, please contact our Customer Center, Omar Prioleau, (323) 881-3712 or email OPrioleau@isd.lacounty.gov.

ISD is committed to responsive services to meet your needs. There are established response times that ISD holds as standards for our teams.

During Normal Working Hours

    • Within two (2)-Hours; All calls involving risk or injury to persons and/or damage or loss of property (e.g. persons trapped in elevator).
    • Four (4) Hours; Calls from Proprietors regarding significant discomfort to or disruption of building occupants’ operations (e.g. air conditioning).
    • Within three (3)-Days; ISD will respond within three (3) – working days to all service requests, except as noted above.

Outside of Normal Working Hours

    • Within three (3) – Hours; All calls involving risk or injury to persons and/or damage or loss of property (e.g. flooding).
    • Within three (3) – Days; ISD will respond within three (3) – working days to all service requests, except as noted above.

There are some instances during unusual service demand that ISD is not able to meet service standards, such as unusual heat waves, extraordinary circumstances such as priority resources to respond to fire season, etc.

District Contacts
One-Stop-Shop Assistance

The SLA covers preventative maintenance from our regional offices, such as the changing of air filters in HVAC systems, and small dollar repairs, currently up to $2,500. Maintenance and repairs that are not specifically cited in the SLA matrix, and those in the matrix that are above $2,500 need to be funded individually by the customer department.

Services from our specialty support teams such as painting, roofing, concrete, etc., are not covered in the SLA and require individual funding through Service Requests.

In terms of your 12-month billable rate, the Auditor-Controller currently requires ISD to use a three-year historical average of actual costs for each department. Therefore, each year, your 12-month billable rate gets adjusted by re-calculating a new three-year average.

See How Do I Submit a Service Request for Services Not Covered by the SLA?

Maintenance & Operations (M&O) provides a variety of preventative maintenance and repair services to keep your building systems running in a reliable manner. M&O has four district locations to be close to your buildings throughout the County that provide electrical, plumbing, HVAC and general maintenance. District 1 serves the Civic Center; District 2 serves the North County; District 3 serves the West side; and, District 4 serves the South and East. M&O also has two County-wide support teams that provide specialty maintenance and repair services dispatched from ISD’s Eastern campus. Such services include roofing, masonry, painting and more.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Billable Services
Emergency Repairs
Refurbishments & Upgrades

Parking Services

Evelina Shahverdian, Secretary
(213) 974-9505

General Office
(213) 974-9505


The HOA and Stanley Mosk Courthouse have a two-level underground parking structure with two entrances and two exits at Grand Ave and Hill St. Secured underground parking is available to County employees with AP 18 hangtags (or after 3:30 PM on weekdays with a valid County badge). Attendants screen vehicles to ensure proper access by verifying displayed parking hangtag. All exit signs are illuminated to guide patrons out to the street.


  • Monday – Friday: 6 AM – 3:30 PM, accessible 24/7
  • Entrance: Southwest of the garage
  • Exit: Northwest of the garage



  • Monday – Friday: 6 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Entrance: Northeast of the garage
  • Exit: Southeast of the garage

Employees must meet the definition of a Parking Participant in the Civic Center Parking Plan to be eligible for a Permit (and park within the department’s parking space allocation approved by CEO Real Estate Division).

A Parking Participant must meet the following criteria:

  • Full-time, permanent employee in active service.
  • Headquartered work location is in the Civic Center.
  • Works in the Civic Center at least 3 days/week.
  • Utilizes their Traffic Mitigation Allowance as payment toward their Parking Fee.
  • Has executed appropriate documents that authorize the Auditor-Controller to make a payroll deduction to pay for parking in approved lot.

Contact your department’s Parking Coordinator (Coordinator) to request for parking.

Not sure who your Coordinator is? Contact ISD Parking Services for help.

  • Your Coordinator will complete applicable HR and other department specific forms that may be necessary to obtain parking and process enrollment for payroll deduction. In addition, your Coordinator will complete a Parking Permit Request in LOTS for review and approval by ISD Parking Services.

Once all items have been verified and confirmed, Parking Services will process the Form and contact the Coordinator to arrange a pick-up date and time for the Permit.

Paying For Parking

Reimbursement For Parking, if applicable:

Access MARS link: https://ewp.lacounty.gov/workplace/
Log in: The Los Angeles County WORKP[LAC]E
Enter Log in Credentials: Employee # & Password
Click on: Mileage & Parking to access MARS Mileage options page

Only a department’s Parking Coordinator (Coordinator) is authorized to request for permit replacements, updates, cancellations, and/or reassignments.

  • In order to process any changes, the Coordinator must submit a Parking Permit Request in LOTS for review and approval by ISD Parking Services.

The Parking Services Section manages 15,000 parking spaces County-wide for departments, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board of Supervisors (BOS) as well as for the public-at-large. These services include:

View the list of ISD Managed Lots – Click Here

Planning & Administration

Melody Velazquez, Section Manager
  • Office (323) 607-1085

Direct (562) 390-9051

What Goes into ISD’s rates?

Annually, ISD establishes rates that are charged to customers through a review of previous costs, increases in County costs (e.g., health benefits and wages), and changes in service demands from customers. For the complete customer rate handbook of charges, please click here…

Why does it seem like ISD’s costs are so much higher?
Most departments are managed through a traditional budget that is established at the start of the year, and then spending is managed within that budget. ISD is not designed that way. ISD is designed like a business that must generate revenue from customers to pay for the costs to deliver services.

When departments ask “Why does ISD staff cost so much more than ours?”, they are making an apples to oranges comparison. A traditionally budgeted department tends to only look at the cost of staff. ISD also must include everything else it takes to run ISD. Therefore, the rate ISD charges include costs to do your work and costs to support it. For a sample of how customers are charged for direct and indirect costs, please click on this sample rate breakdown for Craft Services.

The Planning & Administration team in Operations is known as “PLAD” and provides financial management and controls for Operations Services. PLAD Provides:

  1. Charges for Services – PLAD assists with funding services through Service Requests (SRs), Departmental Service Orders (DSOs), and other ways in which customers pay for services.
  2. Rate Setting – PLAD establishes direct and indirect rates for customers in each of the operations divisions (See section below on rates)

Program and Project Management

Program and Project Management Division
Thomas DeSantis, Division Manager
  • Office (323) 607-1124

Direct (562) 922-1355

  • Margarita Berrueco, Secretary
    Office (323) 607-1114

Direct (562) 359-7602

  • Project Delivery I Section
    Thomas DeSantis
    Office (323) 607-1124

Direct (562) 922-1355

  • Maria Alfaro, Secretary
    Office (323) 607-1115

Direct (562) 413-0440

  • Project Delivery II Section
    Misha Mikhailpoor
    Office (323) 607-1117

Direct (562) 445-1587

  • Facility Condition Assessment Section
    Alex Huang, Section Manager
    Office (323) 607-1091

Direct (562) 413-1165

  • Program & Space Planning Section (under the supervision of Alex Huang)
    Jane Becronis, Supervising Architect II
    Office (323) 607-1106

Direct (562) 390-6017

  • Program Controls Section
    Kato Cooks, Administrative Service Mgr. II
    Office (323) 443-9218

Direct (323) 212-1679

Program & Project Management Division assigns a Project Manager to oversee each project. The Project Manager meets regularly with the customer department to discuss project statuses and answer any inquiries.

AD HOC inquiries regarding active projects, customer departments please submit your inquiry to:  PPMinquiry@isd.lacounty.gov.

PM manages projects for two areas: Facility Reinvestment Program (FRP), and Customer Funded. For either areas, PPM only manages projects for existing buildings. Currently, PPM does not do new construction. BOS approvals work differently for each area, summarized below:

Facility Reinvestment Program
Customer Funded Projects

Customer Funded Projects. There are two types of customer funded projects. One type is for a refurbishment or replacement of a building system, and another type is for a large-scale maintenance work on a building system. While they seem similar, the law and BOS policy treats them differently in terms of required approvals.

  • Refurbishment/Replacement – If you have a refurbishment or replacement project that you are funding from your department budget that is less than $100,000, then it does not need BOS approval. Refurbishment/replacement projects that have an overall value of $100,000 or greater require BOS approval for the construction work via a Board Letter. ISD will lead the Board Letter process with input from the customer department, County Counsel, the CEO and then the BOS itself. Please note, the law was changed to allow this threshold to go up to $330,000, and ISD is working to get the needed changes to allow this new threshold to be used.
  • Maintenance Projects – The law does not require the BOS to approve maintenance projects. However, it is BOS policy to notify them via memo of maintenance projects that are $150,000 or greater. ISD also leads this process for the customer, by providing a written memorandum of the scope of work and the customer department. By practice, ISD allows a period for feedback from the BOS prior to commencing with the work.

Space Planning services are provided by the Space Planning Unit within the OPS/Program and Project Management Planning Section. The unit can provide space planning, floor layouts, design and estimated services for customers seeking highest and best use for their County owned or leased space. The Space Planning Unit has particular expertise in systems furniture used for most County office-based operations.

Customers should direct requests for space planning assistance to Planning Section Manager Alex Huang via email at AHuang@isd.lacounty.gov or call (562) 413-1165).

A customer can request a Facility Condition Assessment or obtain a Building Assessment Report directly from the Program & Project Management – Facility Condition Assessment Section:

Cesar Espinosa, Section Manager
Facility Condition Assessment
(323) 881-3974 (office)
(562) 334-7374 (mobile)

Upon review of a Building Assessment Report, or any other Assessment related data, if a Customer Department has follow-up questions, they are encouraged to reach out to the Facility Condition Assessment Section Manager using the above listed contact information. Customer inquiries regarding existing assessment data, or to request a dedicated field visit to validate a specific building condition are welcome as they can often result in an opportunity to improve our baseline assessment data.

The process summarized below is for customer funded projects managed by PPM. A typical Board Letter will go through various levels of reviews before submittal to the Board of Supervisors for approval. The steps are described below.

  1. ISD writes the first draft of the Board Letter based on the scope of work, and any legal requirements based on the project. For example, the project may trigger a CEQA review or Civic Arts requirements.
  2. ISD provides the draft to the customer department for review and edits. The customer department provides the rationale, funding information and the benefits of the project.
  3. ISD shares the Board Letter draft with the CEO Finance Office related to the customer department funding for verification of fund availability and scope review.
  4. ISD shares the draft with County Counsel to review legal requirements pertaining to the work.
  5. ISD then conducts an internal readiness review through the ISD Director’s Office to ensure the Board Letter is ready for Board Office reviews.
  6. ISD files the Board Letter through the CEO’s Office to be placed on the appropriate BOS Cluster Agenda. ISD and a representative from the customer department attend the Cluster meeting to present and/or answer any questions about the Board Letter.
  7. ISD then files the Board Letter to go to the Board Agenda. If there were questions or actions in the Cluster Meeting, ISD works with the customer department first to resolve those issues, then moves it to the BOS agenda.

The Program & Project Management Division (PPM) provides construction project management for large scale refurbishment, renovation and modernization of current County buildings. Services include:

  • Facility Reinvestment Program – PPM serves as the County-wide Program Manager for the Facility Reinvestment Program (FRP), which is a centrally funded program by the CEO to improve the overall condition of County owned assets. The FRP focuses on building systems such as HVAC, roofing, plumbing, and electrical systems that are determined to be in the most severe condition.
  • Customer Funded Projects – PPM also provides project management for the delivery of JOC projects that are funded directly by customers who have repairs and modernization that fall outside of the FRP program, and projects customer elect to do that may quality for the FRP but the customer may want to do them sooner.
  • Facility Assessments – PPM is the central home of assessing the condition of County buildings, mainly for the purpose of establishing a prioritization score for projects in the FRP. The Facility Assessment team’s work is also beneficial for customer departments that may not be eligible for FRP funding, or seeking to establish capital investment plans based on the priorities of conditions.
  • Space Planning – PPM offers space planning services for both County-owned and leased facilities. The team assists customers as they grow, change, lease or decrease their footprint as the result of telework. Space planning is led by an architect team of experts in space design.

Special Services

Please refer to your Special Services professional (who originally confirmed your Special Services Estimate Request Form) via email or telephone.

The Estimate Request Form has a designated area for customers to include as much detailed information as possible for your event. The information provided will assist our team of event specialists to quote your services and estimate costs as closely aligned to the actual costs for the day.

Once customers submit the Estimate Request Form, the Special Services team may need to discuss and go over your event request details further to ensure all details are covered. They may also need to conduct a “Job Walk” with you or a designated representative if the site or the set-up requested is unique.

A two (2) week minimum advance notice will assist Special Services with planning accordingly.

  • Once all the details are confirmed, customers will receive an Event Cost Estimate for your event via the e-mail address provided on the Event Request Form.
  • User Guide
  • Need to make an emergency request?
    Call us at (323) 351-8697

Customers need to fill out a Service Request (SR) form.

This Service Request is used for various services within ISD.  Once the SR is completed, please e-mail form to edl-isd-specialservices@isd.lacounty.gov.

Filling Out a Service Request
Steps for completing the Service Request (SR):

  1. Fill out information in fields #2-31 (Other boxes are for office use only).
  2. After filling out fields #2-31, email the completed SR to CustomerCenterOPS@isd.lacounty.gov and SpecialServices@isd.lacounty.gov.
  3. Once the form is emailed, Customers will receive an Auto-Generated Reply from the Customer Service Center or Special Services stating the request has been received.
  4. Customer Service Center will process requests and submit to the Finance Division within ten (10) minutes of receipt. After Finance Division enters the SR in the Basis System and approval is received, they will forward the SR to the Customer Service Center no later than the next business day. The Customer Service Center will then assign the request to Special Services.
  5. Once we receive your funded SR, we will confirm via telephone/e-mail that your event has been approved and scheduled.

Unlike traditional departments that are fully funded through the budgeting process, ISD covers its costs for services like a business by charging fees for our services.

Therefore, ISD needs to receive what is called “A funded Service Request” which provides payment information for ISD to use when the event has concluded and charge your account.

Special Services offers a one stop shop support service to help you host your next special event for your Board of Supervisor’s Office or department ceremony, press conference, ribbon cutting or other type of event.

Special Services has hundreds of stock items in-house, from tables and chairs, to specialty items like heaters for chilly days and nights. As a one-stop shop Special Services will coordinate for items we have in-house and for items that may need to be contracted. This can include larger stages or canopies that are not used often and may be more financially efficient to rent on occasion given cost of the equipment and setup. We will also work with the ISD Audio team to represent your need for microphones, amplified sound, and technical support so you get services from one team, Special Services!