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ISD helps achieve County goals by supporting the transition from gas-powered to electric vehicles

ISD has installed over 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations at County facilities that serve the public, employees, and County fleets.

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  • -Get a credit toward a home charging station or workplace charging station

What Services Does the Clean Transportation Team Program Provide:

  • Initial Assessment – ISD performs site inspections for new EVSEs. EES PMs and electricians are trained on EVSE scoping and project implementation. ISD will visit Customers’ location (or do a virtual visit) to determine the feasibility and placement of new EVSEs per Customer’s requirements. Service includes all phone calls to respond to questions.

  • Contracting and Project Management – ISD uses the County’s Energy Efficiency Projects Master Agreement to contract the design and installation of new and replacements of EVSEs. EES Project Managers and administrative staff oversee all aspects of the contracting and construction process.

  • Grant Administration – ISD actively researches, networks to build partnerships, writes and applies for Federal, State, and local grant funding for EVSE, solar, and battery backup systems. ISD in collaboration with Customers, applies for funding on behalf of Customer departments to support project implementation funding.

In August 2019, the County released OurCounty, a regional sustainability plan. ISD is implementing Goal 7: A fossil fuel-free LA County, by installing 5,000 EV charging stations at County facilities by 2025.

  • Maintenance and Repairs – Equipment under warranty are covered by ISD’s PowerFlex Master Agreement. ISD will arrange with Customer and PowerFlex to inspect and repair equipment. ISD staff can troubleshoot EVSE outages, order all required equipment, and complete all repair needs for issues, such as vandalism, normal wear and tear.

  • Adding Fleet Vehicles and Payment Processing to PowerFlex App – PowerFlex provides a user guide and video to understand how to add fleet vehicles and ensure departments can properly recoup electricity costs for charging. ISD can provide in-person tutorials in adding fleet vehicles to and using the app.      

Cost of Charging your Electric Vehicle
  • -30 cents per kilowatt hour before 4 p.m.
  • -45 cents per kilowatt hour between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.

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Project Highlights

ISD partnered with LA County Library to install 20 EV charging stations at Lancaster Library. County staff held an event sharing information about EVs, clean transportation options and how to charge at the library. The County will be installing charging stations at Libraries throughout the County. To learn about upcoming events follow us on Twitter @LACountyISD.