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Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) provide benefits for drivers, the environment, and the County. When you drive an EV, you can:

  • Take advantage of convenient charging options including at home, at work, and at County facilities
  • Enjoy lower fuel costs and less vehicle maintenance
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The County of Los Angeles Internal Services Department (ISD) Office of Energy and Environmental Services (EES) supports the increased adoption of EVs throughout the County. Learn more below.

If you are an LA County Department interested in acquiring EV charging capabilities for your County office location, please fill out this form and email it to EVProgram@isd.lacounty.gov.

OurCounty: LA County’s Sustainability Plan

In August 2019, LA County released OurCounty, a regional sustainability plan that outlines 12 intersectional focus areas for local government and other stakeholders including natural resource protection, pollution reduction, a transition to a green economy, and more.

Goal 7 of OurCounty focuses on A fossil fuel-free LA County, including a specific Strategy to create a zero-emission transportation system. Encouraging broad action with wide-ranging impact in support of this goal, EES will work to update the County’s fleet and install thousands of EV charging stations. Our specific actions, as detailed in OurCounty, will include:

  • Revising and regularly updating the County’s fleet policy to require zero-emission vehicles or better whenever available and operationally feasible.
  • Installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers at County facilities and properties for public, employee, and fleet use, prioritizing locations in disadvantaged communities.
  • Engaging in partnerships, such as the Transportation Electrification Partnership, to promote the development of local advanced transportation manufacturing and maintenance.
OurCounty: Goals for County Operations
By 2025
  • 5,000 EV Charging stations at County facilities
  • 100% of non-emergency light duty vehicle purchases to be zero emission vehicles
By 2035
  • 15,000 EV Charging stations at County facilities
  • 100% of non-emergency light duty vehicle purchases to be zero-emission vehicles
By 2045
  • 100% of all vehicles in the County fleet to be zero-emission or better

Consumer Resources

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EV Rebates and Tax Credits

California residents can qualify for incentives and tax credits when you buy or lease an EV. Reward programs for EV owners include the following:

  • SCE Clean Fuel Reward Program– Qualifying Southern California Edison customers can earn a rebate up to $1,000 when you buy or lease a new or used EV.
  • California Vehicle RebateProgram– California residents who meet income level requirements can receive up to $7,000 to buy or lease eligible EV models.
  • Federal EV Tax Credits – The federal government offers financial incentives to help lower the cost of buying an EV.


The County’s Internal Services Department Headquarters at 1100 Eastern Avenue completed construction of 27 new electric vehicle charging stations together with Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Program. County employees need to download the Powerflex app to utilize the chargers. See the How-to-Guide for information on the app.


Review our 2019 Transportation Electrification Blueprint to learn more. For more information, contact us at EVProgram@isd.lacounty.gov.