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Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

LA County’s Clean Transportation Program

The County of Los Angeles Internal Services Department (ISD) Office of Energy and Environmental Services (EES) is positioned to operate the nation’s largest network of municipally-owned electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Since 2015, the County has installed over 500 electric vehicle (EV) charging ports at 70 County facilities to support the electrification of the County fleet and provide vehicle charging to employees and the public. EES, in collaboration with other County departments and community partners, is installing EVSE throughout the five Supervisorial Districts to meet the County’s new Sustainability Clean Transportation Goals.



ISD’s Role in Reaching State and County Sustainability Goals

California has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 2020 emission levels by 2030. In our State, the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the transportation sector. To address the challenges set by our greenhouse gas reduction target, the State has a goal of 250,000 charging stations and 5 million EVs on the road by 2030. Governor Newsom also signed an Executive Order in September 2020 stating that, within 15 years, all new passenger vehicles sold in California will be zero-emissions. These policies are projected to reduce emissions from the transportation sector by 16%.

The County’s goals align with and support the State’s GHG and transportation electrification goals. In August 2019, the County released OurCounty, a regional sustainability plan that outlines 12 focus areas to address natural resource protection, clean transportation, expanding parks and public spaces, pollution reduction, a transition to a green economy, and more.

ISD is tasked with implementing Goal 7: A fossil fuel-free LA County, by creating a zero-emission transportation system. Encouraging broad action with wide-ranging impact in support of this goal, ISD is expanding the County zero-emission fleet and installing thousands of EVSE for fleet, employee, and public use. Our specific actions, as detailed in OurCounty, will include:

          • Installing EV chargers at County facilities and properties for public, employee, and fleet use, prioritizing locations in disadvantaged communities.
          • Revising and regularly updating the County’s fleet policy to require zero-emission vehicles or better whenever available and operationally feasible.
          • Provide training, resources, and information to employees and the public to promote adoption of zero-emission vehicles.
          • Engaging in partnerships to promote the development of local advanced transportation manufacturing and maintenance.

Clean Transportation Targets

YEAR GHG Reduction Target EVSE Target EV Target
  • All County facilities to be supplied with 100% renewable power
  • 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from County Operations
5,000 EVSE   installed 100% of new light-duty vehicle purchases to be zero-emissions
2035 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from County Operations 15,000 EVSE installed 100% of medium-duty and emergency light-duty vehicle purchases to be zero emissions vehicles
2045 Achieve carbon neutrality 100% of all vehicles in the County fleet to be zero-emissions vehicles or better

For questions about ISD’s EV Program, contact EVProgram@isd.lacounty.gov.

If you are an LA County Department interested in acquiring EV charging capabilities for your County office location, please fill out this form and email it to EVProgram@isd.lacounty.gov.

Project Spotlight

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    In August 2020, LA County completed two projects at the Martin Luther King Junior Hospital. At 1730 E 120th Street, 37 chargers were installed for employee use and at 1670 E 120th Street, 2 chargers were installed for the public to use. Several chargers are located in accessible parking spaces.

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    In April 2020, LA County installed 20 chargers for employees at the Department of Health Headquarters, located at 5050 Commerce Street In Baldwin Park. Since the chargers were installed, electric vehicle drivers at this location have avoided adding 13.4 tons of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases to the atmosphere.

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    In October 2019, LA County installed 27 chargers at the Internal Services Department headquarters. The chargers are available for use by the public, employees, and County fleet vehicles. The Department also used the opportunity to add low water-use landscaping to the parking area.

These projects were made possible through three funding sources: LA County, a grant from MSRC, and rebates provided by Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Pilot.

EV Charging Fees at New Chargers

Newly installed chargers require that you download the PowerFlex app and pay a fee per kWh hour. Click here for more details.

Find a Charger Near You

There are currently over 500 charging stations installed at County facilities. Use the map below to find chargers on County properties.

Find charging stations in your neighborhood.

Information and Incentives on EVs

Learn more about rebates and incentives to purchase an EV or charging station here.

For questions about ISD’s EV Program, contact EVProgram@isd.lacounty.gov.