What Services Does the Facility Management Division & Civic Center Support Provide?

The Facility Management Division was created as a cross functional team to focus on the concentrated needs and support of the County’s Civic Center occupants to support ISD’s “Civic Center Standards of Care” program. Services include:

  • Civic Center Maintenance – Preventative maintenance, facility repair, and facility improvements for Civic Center buildings.
  • Civic Center Custodial – Cleaning, floor care and special projects to ensure a safe and sanitary work and public space.
  • Special Services – Provides the infrastructure, equipment and setup for special events, constituent meetings, press conferences and other projects such as vaccine PODs and food banks.
  • Coordinated Services – Serves as the coordinating agent for multiple ISD services that support the Civic Center when ISD is delivering large sale projects that require project coordination and communications with the BOS, CEO and customer departments.