What Services Does Fleet Provide?

The Fleet Services Section provides complete fleet management solutions from purchasing, maintenance and fueling. Services include:

  • Purchasing – Fleet Services will assist you to purchase a vehicle that meets County policy and standards for County fleet vehicles.
  • DMV Services – Fleet Services will assist you to acquires plates, titles, renewed tags, and smog inspections to meet requirements.
  • Warranty Services – Fleet Services offers internal warranty services for certain manufacturers so your wait time to have warranty work is minimized.
  • Maintenance – Fleet Services provides preventative maintenance and repair services to keep your vehicles running safely and efficiently.
  • Fuel – Fleet Services purchase and supplies fuel to 3 County fueling locations so you have easy access to fuel for your vehicles at County locations. Fleet uses Fuel Focus to manage fuel and record your fleet use of fuel.
  • Disposal – Fleet Services will assist you to surplus your County asset in accordance with the requirements of dispositioning a publicly owned asset.
  • Pool Vehicles – Fleet Services offers the ability to schedule the use of a pool vehicle for short term use.
  • Reporting – Fleet Services can run reporting for you to examine how your fleet is being managed, including overdue maintenance reports, underutilization reports, toll/moving violation reporting, damage and accident reports, fuel use and other reporting to assist you in the oversight of your County vehicles.