How Do I Track the Status of Work Requested?

ISD’s Operations has a Customer Portal specifically designed to aid customers for building maintenance and repair issues being serviced by the Maintenance & Operations Division. In the Customer Portal you can access all the work orders for your department Countywide or for specific locations. The portal will give you all the details of the work order and the status.

You can access the Customer Service Portal Guide and the FAMIS Service Portal through these links. For a helpful video tutorial on accessing the portal, checkout FAMIS Customer Portal YouTube Video.

If you need to register for access to the Customer Portal or forgot your login information, please contact our Customer Center Project Manager, Omar Prioleau, (323) 881-3712 or email

Need Assistance?

If you have any issues with the status of your work request or the work itself, and you are not able to resolve it with the team performing the services, please contact our Customer Center, Omar Prioleau, (323) 881-3712 or email