How Do I Obtain Coverage Information?

What is Covered Under My Service Level Agreement

ISD has three (3) regional maintenance offices, and one (1) central team service for the Civic Center that houses electrical, plumbing, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), elevator and other recurring maintenance services. There are twelve (12) categories of building systems that are maintained in a basic Service Level Agreement (SLA) by these teams. The SLA matrix provides a detailed breakdown of each of these categories, subcomponents within each category, and what is covered with the SLA for each category.

If it is cited in the SLA matrix, then it is covered in your twelve (12) -month billable services with ISD. The matrix also provides categories of areas that are not included in the SLA regardless of amount, such as vandalism and other issues that are not normal within the course of maintaining a building.

District Contacts

Specialty Support and Repair

In addition to the services offered by the regional maintenance teams, ISD has two (2) support teams that specialize in infrequent services, specialty services and larger maintenance projects. Services include areas such as painting, roofing, concrete, generators, insulation and mold remediation among others.

For a full list of ISD maintenance services please click here.