How Do I Determine if I am Eligible & Establish Monthly Parking?

Employees must meet the definition of a Parking Participant in the Civic Center Parking Plan to be eligible for a Permit (and park within the department’s parking space allocation approved by CEO Real Estate Division).

A Parking Participant must meet the following criteria:

  • Full-time, permanent employee in active service.
  • Headquartered work location is in the Civic Center.
  • Works in the Civic Center at least 3 days/week.
  • Utilizes their Traffic Mitigation Allowance as payment toward their Parking Fee.
  • Has executed appropriate documents that authorize the Auditor-Controller to make a payroll deduction to pay for parking in approved lot.

Contact your department’s Parking Coordinator (Coordinator) to request for parking.

Not sure who your Coordinator is? Contact ISD Parking Services for help.

Your Coordinator will complete applicable HR and other department specific forms that may be necessary to obtain parking. In addition, your Coordinator will complete a Parking Permit Request Form (Form) and submit it to ISD Parking Services.

Once all items have been verified and confirmed, Parking Services will process the Form and contact the Coordinator to arrange a pick-up date and time for the Permit.