Contract Administration – ISD

Contract Administration

ISD’s Contract Administration Division provides a wide variety of vital services to help ISD and County customers utilizing a mix of in-house staff and Board contracts. From maintenance of technical equipment to management of vehicle fleets and parking services to County mail services, Contract Administration helps to ensure the availability of essential services to County departments.


Fleet Services

Manages County vehicle maintenance and repairs, motor pool, fuel, new vehicle specifications and disposal.

Technical Equip Maint

Manages contracts for high-end technical County-owned equip and As-Needed Small Office Equip Repairs.

County Mail Services

Provides pick-up and delivery for both internal and external communications for the County and the Courts.

Parking Services

Provides management of County-owned parking facilities for employees and the public.

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Division Manager
Marie Nunez



(323) 267-2492

Monday-Friday 7am to 5:30pm

FLEET (323) 881-3919
PARKING (213) 974-9505
MAIL (323) 267-3988
TEMS (562) 940-4350

Proactive Staff
ISD’s extremely qualified and proactive staff provide knowledge of best practices and are available to answer your questions and take care of your service needs.
Customer-focused service
ISD provides confidential and secure services with customer-focused forms and reporting to help improve service quality and ensure departments can access vital services.
Value-added services
ISD manages and monitors Countywide contracts to ensure County departments receive the most favorable rates from contractors to maximize County resources.
ISD’s Purchasing and Materials Management Division helps County departments purchase the goods they need to provide service to the public through various purchasing tools along with administration of the Community Business Enterprise program.
Contracts Services helps customers develop procurement mechanisms such as Requests for Proposal, Master Agreements and Statements of Work to solicit bids and select appropriate vendors who can provide the goods and services needed to fulfill their public service mission.
From mail services to fleet and parking management to contracts for office printing and technical equipment maintenance, ISD’s Contract Administration Division provides a wide range of services which ensure the availability of vital goods and services to County departments.