What is Covered in our Twelve 12- Month Billable Costs and is Paid for Individually?

The SLA covers preventative maintenance from our regional offices, such as the changing of air filters in HVAC systems, and small dollar repairs, currently up to $2,500. Maintenance and repairs that are not specifically cited in the SLA matrix, and those in the matrix that are above $2,500 need to be funded individually by the customer department.

Services from our specialty support teams such as painting, roofing, concrete, etc., are not covered in the SLA and require individual funding through Service Requests.

In terms of your 12-month billable rate, the Auditor-Controller currently requires ISD to use a three-year historical average of actual costs for each department. Therefore, each year, your 12-month billable rate gets adjusted by re-calculating a new three-year average.

See How Do I Submit a Service Request for Services Not Covered by the SLA?