How Do I Get Receipted Mail Tracking Set Up for a Mailing?

Package with no receipted mail Tracking Label – due to the high volume of daily mail, ISD is only able to track Receipted Mail Tracking Label or a U.S. Postal Service E-certified label which has been metered through our Exela – Metering Contractor, Michael Craig at (323) 263-1555

U.S. Mail; i.e., First Class, Presort, Certified, etc.

For further assistance, contact or calling ISD Mail Services at (323) 267-3988.

Access Mail Tracking System

ISD Mail Services offers the ability to track any inter-office mail to all our customers by using our SendSuite Desktop – Receipted Mail Package Tracking System.

Go to our “SendSuite Desktop – Receipted Mail Package Tracking System” intranet website located at and type in the User ID and Password used to log-in to Windows in your computer, then click the “Login” tab.

Sendsuite Desktop Customer Tutorial Guide