How Do I Fuel A County Vehicle?

How Do I Register?

Ensure you have already registered with Fuel Focus to obtain fuel and have already acquired your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you have not yet registered, please submit the Fuel Focus Registration Form to the email address on the form for expedited registration. Once registration is complete, the registrant will be sent a confirmation along with instructions how to set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use at the fuel sites.

If you have already registered but have not established your PIN, call (562) 658-1658 to establish it before attempting to obtain fuel.

Select the most appropriate fueling site for your needs from the online fueling map found here: clicking on a site icon will reveal site details such as fuel type available, hours of operation, address and the department it belongs to. Alternately, download the ISD Fleet Mobile App and use the County Fuel Sites function to locate the site most appropriate for you. See separate installation instructions.

Fuel Dispensing Guide
How Do I Pump Fuel?

If you cannot obtain fuel, please contact one of the following numbers for assistance.

During Business Hours

Los Angeles Sheriff Department
(323) 267 – 2169

Los Angeles County Fire Department
(323) 980 – 0546

Department of Public Works
(626) 458-7325

All Others
(323) 881 – 3919

After Hours

All Departments Customer Assistance
(562) 658-1658 OR (562) 940-3305