How Do I Find Out What Facilities Work Requires BOS Approval & What Does Not?

PM manages projects for two areas: Facility Reinvestment Program (FRP), and Customer Funded. For either areas, PPM only manages projects for existing buildings. Currently, PPM does not do new construction. BOS approvals work differently for each area, summarized below:

Facility Reinvestment Program
Customer Funded Projects

Customer Funded Projects. There are two types of customer funded projects. One type is for a refurbishment or replacement of a building system, and another type is for a large-scale maintenance work on a building system. While they seem similar, the law and BOS policy treats them differently in terms of required approvals.

  • Refurbishment/Replacement – If you have a refurbishment or replacement project that you are funding from your department budget that is less than $100,000, then it does not need BOS approval. Refurbishment/replacement projects that have an overall value of $100,000 or greater require BOS approval for the construction work via a Board Letter. ISD will lead the Board Letter process with input from the customer department, County Counsel, the CEO and then the BOS itself. Please note, the law was changed to allow this threshold to go up to $330,000, and ISD is working to get the needed changes to allow this new threshold to be used.
  • Maintenance Projects – The law does not require the BOS to approve maintenance projects. However, it is BOS policy to notify them via memo of maintenance projects that are $150,000 or greater. ISD also leads this process for the customer, by providing a written memorandum of the scope of work and the customer department. By practice, ISD allows a period for feedback from the BOS prior to commencing with the work.