How Do I Complete an Event Service Request?

Customers need to fill out a Service Request (SR) form.

This Service Request is used for various services within ISD.  Once the SR is completed, please e-mail form to and

Filling Out a Service Request
Steps for completing the Service Request (SR):

  1. Fill out information in fields #2-31 (Other boxes are for office use only).
  2. After filling out fields #2-31, email the completed SR to and
  3. Once the form is emailed, Customers will receive an Auto-Generated Reply from the Customer Service Center or Special Services stating the request has been received.
  4. Customer Service Center will process requests and submit to the Finance Division within ten (10) minutes of receipt. After Finance Division enters the SR in the Basis System and approval is received, they will forward the SR to the Customer Service Center no later than the next business day. The Customer Service Center will then assign the request to Custodial Services.
  5. Once we receive your funded SR, we will confirm via telephone/e-mail that your event has been approved and scheduled.