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Video Conferencing

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Utilizing advanced video conference technology, ISD can help your organization improve productivity and operate more efficiently. ISD provides live, remote exchange of information between video conference systems linked through the County Enterprise Network including room-based and desktop-based systems for over 30 County departments.


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Getting Started With Video

View the boarding process, a guide including all the required forms.

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Video Conferencing Solutions

Identify equipment and facility needs including costs, planning, options and capabilities.

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Installation & Maintenance

Install, configure and maintain video conferencing systems including procurement.

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Guides and “How to’s”

View guides to master your devices for reading or watching videos.

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Video Conference Training

Train department staff on video conference capabilities and Outlook integration.

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Program Inquiries
Mike Norris
(323) 267-3552

Purchasing Manager
Daniel Medrano
(323) 267-2314

Priscilla Para
(323) 267-2489

Program Technical Advisor
(e.g. services, specifications and standards)
Travis Nash
(323) 267-3878

24-hours a day, 365 days a year

Monday-Friday 6am to 6pm

(562) 940-2065

Reduce Travel
Linking staff at various geographic locations provides cost and staff savings by reducing the time and expense of travel to meetings, increasing staff productivity.
Get service on demand
ISD lets your organization quickly implement video conferencing systems without the cost and time of procurement, supplemental staffing or contract services.
Use multi-point conferences
Desktop and room-based systems provide high availability with Multi-point Conference Unit capabilities to facilitate multiple locations utilizing the Countywide network infrastructure.

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The Los Angeles County Internal Services Department is an equal opportunity employer. We seek hard-working, skilled, and highly-motivated employees.
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