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Radio Systems

picture of a radio systemISD Radio Systems services support essential County services for both every day operations as well as emergency situations. ISD installs, repairs and maintains both portable and vehicle radio systems for County departments including radios and end user devices such as base systems, consoles, mobile data computers, microphones and other communication equipment.


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Vehicle & portable radios

Supplies, installs and maintains radio systems and equipment for County departments and outside agencies.

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Radio systems solutions

State-of-the-art public safety grade radio services completely interoperable with current and future systems.

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Infrastructure support

Support radio networks of Fire, Sheriff, EMS and Countywide Integrated Radio System (CWIRS.)

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Radio infrastructure support
ISD provides maintenance, installation and problem resolutions of the County’s emergency radio systems to support operations for public safety and other government agencies.
Integration & compatibility
ISD ensures that your radio system is compatible and fully interoperable within the County infrastructure, supporting a wide range of equipment and accessories.
Save time and money
ISD allows your organization to obtain services as required without the need for time-consuming procurements, supplemental staffing or other contracted technical support services.

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