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Network Services

photo of laptopsISD monitors, maintains and optimizes the data communication networks for over 850 County locations, including network design and operation support services for wide (WAN), local (LAN) and wireless local (WLAN) area networks. We assist departments with the planning, design and implementation of networks including equipment acquisition and installation as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance of systems.


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WAN/LAN/WiFi solutions

Plan, design and implementation of network configurations including needs assessments and equipment review.

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24-hour network monitoring

Proactive monitoring 365 days a year ensures networks are running at optimal levels to maintain business operations.

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Maintenance & repair

Issue resolution at both central and remote locations including software and hardware upgrades, moves and adds.

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Stable & responsive networks
End-to-end accountability and Service Level Agreements provide hardware and software standardization, equipment lifecycle management and industry best practices.
Quick service restoration
Continual monitoring of network errors and failures helps quickly restore services and annual DR/BCP exericses provides quick recovery of a network in a disaster scenario.
Advanced capabilities
Economies of scale provide participating departments with access to advanced network capabilities as well as improved reliability and security features at a lower cost.