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County eCloud

ISD’s County eCloud provides your department with computing hardware and software resources contained entirely within the County Intranet to ensure the security of your critical data and applications. eCloud services are available as itemized offerings or bundled in our Pro-Services options which offer 24/7 OS and web services support along with centralized log and event management.



Customize your server to get up and running quickly, with virtual server self provisioning capabilities.

Windows or Linux servers

Servers can be provisioned with either Windows or Linux operating systems to work within your computing platform.

24/7 monitoring & support

ISD provides 24-hours a day support and monitoring, providing a virtual Data Center infrastructure.

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24-hours a day, 365 days a year

Monday-Friday 6am to 6pm

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Adapt to changing needs
The County eCloud virtual environment gives you the flexibility to easily adjust resources at the Data Center, server and desktop levels for seasonal or one-time computing needs.
Protect sensitive data
ISD manages millions of customer transactions including sensitive legal, health and personal information within a private cloud environment that’s 100% dedicated to County customers.
Reduce costs
Economies of scale help to reduce the time, effort and cost of your organization’s hardware footprint, server licensing, procurement, installation and operation.