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Custom Applications

graphic of virtual workflowISD provides development services for both off-the-shelf and custom applications designed to provide you with innovative information technology systems that will improve the efficiency and operation of your organization. Our deep knowledge of County departments allows us to quickly understand your needs and develop software solutions that fit your organization and align with your business and budget goals.


Analysis & design

Needs assessments, system diagrams and user interface design, using a structured development approach.

Application development

Customization of off-the-shelf software and development of custom applications and system architectures.

Testing and training

Pre-implementation services including test planning, core system testing and user training.

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24-hours a day, 365 days a year

Monday-Friday 6am – 6pm

(562) 940-2911

Standardized applications
ISD staff provides security features to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements to ensure your data and applications remain secure and compatible throughout the County.
Infrastructure upgrades
Hosted applications are provided with centralized support for system upgrades and enhancements which are deployed within the County Data Center computing environment.
24-hour system support
In addition to system monitoring and capacity reporting, ISD customers receive 24-hours a day, 365-days a year Service Desk support for problem reporting and resolution.