Information and Incentives on Electric Vehicles

Learn more about rebates and incentives to purchase an EV or charging station

Incentives for County Departments

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project: California fleets can receive rebates for the purchase or lease of new, eligible zero-emissions or plug-in hybrid light duty vehicles.

Resources for County Employees

LA County’s Rideshare program: Learn how you can save time and money by participating in carpools, vanpools, and other programs. Rideshare is also supporting EV adoption through the Electrifyze app-based tool to help Departments and County employees make decisions about clean transportation options. Electrifyze gives you access to a car-buying coach that helps you navigate the process and find the best deal on an EV.

The Vehicle Purchasing Service Program: Offers incentives for County employees, retirees, family members and contractors/sub-contractors to purchase green vehicles.

More rebates and incentives to purchase an EV or EV charger

California residents can qualify for incentives and tax credits when you buy or lease an EV or purchase a charger for your home. Links to several programs are below. Each incentive program has different qualifying criteria on eligible vehicles, income thresholds, and geographic focus. Check program websites for eligibility and applications. If you would like help finding and navigating available incentives, an Electrifyze car-buying coach can help.


LADWP’s Charge Up LA! Program: Offers a rebate up to $1,500 through the Used EV Rebate Program for used electric vehicles (EVs) purchased on or after September 1, 2019! LADWP’s Charge Up LA! Program also offers a rebate of up to $500 for the purchase of a qualified Level 2 (240-volt) charging station and a $250 rebate for the installation of a dedicated EV meter.

SCE Clean Fuel Reward Program: Qualifying Southern California Edison customers can earn a rebate up to $1,000 when you buy or lease a new or used EV. (Program funding ended in December 2020, but check the site for updates about future funding)

South Coast AQMD Replace Your Ride Program: Residents in the four-County jurisdiction who meet income level and vehicle requirements can receive additional incentives to replace an older car with a hybrid or electric car (Funding has been used up, but check the website for updates)

South Coast AQMD Residential EV Charging Incentive Pilot: Offers $250 -$500 to offset the hardware costs of a Level 2 (240v) EV charger.

Antelope Valley AQMD Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program: Offers up to a $1,000 incentive to Antelope Valley residents for the purchase of All-Electric and Plug-in Hybrids, and up to $1,500 for income eligible residents.


California Vehicle Rebate Program: California residents who meet income level requirements can receive up to $7,000 to buy or lease eligible EV models.


Federal EV Tax Credits: The federal government offers financial incentives to help lower the cost of buying an EV.

Unsure whether or which EV or EV charger is right for you?

Electric vehicles (EVs) provide benefits for drivers, the environment, and the County.

When you drive an EV, you can:

  • – Enjoy lower fuel costs and less vehicle maintenance
  • – Help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • – Take advantage of convenient charging options including at home, at work, and at County facilities

There are online and app-based tools available to learn more about the different options. Examples include:

  • Electrifyze, a program for employees that helps you learn about and buy an EV and charger. Electrifyze gives you access to a car buying coach who helps you navigate the process and find the best deal on an EV.
  • – SCE’s online Marketplace, which allows you to price and compare 45 models of chargers.
  • Moving California, focused on cleaner transportation for all communities, has a list of resources including buying guides.

For questions about ISD’s EV Program, contact