Human Resources – ISD

Human Resources

The ISD Human Resources division provides a wide range of assistance and support to the managers, supervisors and employees of ISD. From ensuring a safe work environment, to helping employees understand their rights, benefits and compensation, through assisting managers to get the staff they need, ISD HR staff work diligently to help ISD field a qualified, highly motivated workforce.


Classification & Staffing

Review and evaluation of job classifications, organizational structure, recruiting, hiring and job postings.

Employee Performance

Reviews, investigates and advises management on discipline matters and coordinates labor relations.

Risk Management

Coordinates Return To Work, Worker’s Compensation, safety and litigation management activities.

Employee development

Conducts and coordinates on-the-job training as well as requests for training and conference travel.

Payroll & HR operations

Processes payroll, personnel transactions, new hire orientations and benefits enrollments.

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Division Manager
Bryce Tyler


Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm


(844) 770-4357
Protects employee rights
Whether reviewing discipline procedures or evaluating requests for out-of-class bonuses, HR staff ensure that every ISD employee works in a safe and fair environment.
Assists with staffing
Human Resources can help with staff recruitment both inside and outside the County, evaluation of candidates and assistance with moving items for reoganizations.
Payroll & HR operations
Processes payroll, personnel transactions, new hire orientations and benefits enrollments.
ISD's Human Resources Division is responsible for providing ISD with a motivated, highly-qualified workforce and ensuring our employees have a safe and fair work environment, are properly compensated and understand their employment conditions and benefits.
AFS provides financial services support for accounting, budget analysis and billing to assist ISD divisions. Finance staff provide a wide range of financial services from vendor payment processing to customer billing management and travel and training payment processing.
Executive Management Services provides vital support to management and divisions and is responsible for implementing Countywide programs, creating customer communications, maintaining internal and external websites and coordinating the Department's Strategic Plan.

Job Opportunities

The Los Angeles County Internal Services Department is an equal opportunity employer. We seek hard-working, skilled, and highly-motivated employees.
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Surplus Property

Surplus County equipment and furniture may be available for sale. Click here to see available items and download the forms needed to place a bid on an item.
Surplus Program

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) provide benefits for drivers, the environment, and the County. Learn more about convenient charging options and how you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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PPE Utilization

Utilization of Preference Program Entities (PPE) such as Local Small Business Enterprises (LSBE), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) and Social Enterprises (SE) for the last quarter.
PPE Utilization