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The Internal Services Department plays a major role in supporting all County of Los Angeles departments and commissions. With an annual budget of over $873M and 2,183 budgeted positions along with over 5,120 contracted workers of varying professions in facilities management, information technology, environmental, administrative, purchasing, and contracting, ISD is the County’s trusted partner and provider of choice. At a glance, the Internal Services Department:

  • Provides support to over 45.5 million sq ft of County owned and leased space including ongoing Facility Condition Assessments on a 5-year cycle.
  • Provides custodial and ground maintenance for over 20 million sq ft and facility maintenance for over 13 million sq ft of County-owned/leased properties.
  • Manages the County’s Utilities (water/power/gas) billing for an annual budget of over $197 million.
  • Expends over $1.5 billion as the County’s Purchasing Agent.
  • Manage $400 million in annual contracts for services provided to ISD on behalf of customer departments.
  • Supports more than 100,000 County telephone lines.
  • Operates one of the largest governmental data centers west of the Rockies.
  • Processes millions of daily transactions for over 40,000 personal computers.
  • Provides annual and as-needed fleet maintenance for over 5,000 vehicles.
  • Provides internet access to over 46,000 internal users daily.
  • Stores over 32.6 million digital documents and load 10,000 new documents daily.
  • Processes more than 28,000 payments to vendors and contractors yearly.
  • Manages oversight for the Residential Property Assed Clean Energy (PACE) program that facilitated bond financing for over $800 million to residents for energy and water efficient home upgrades.
  • Manages the Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) funded by the CPUC for over $20 million annually for energy efficiency opportunities and promote training and job opportunities across 7 local counties including Los Angeles.
  • Operates and maintain the County’s 2 cogeneration plants with a capacity of 50+ megawatts of electrical power and 5 large heating and refrigeration plants.
  • Runs the County bimonthly payroll, including paying 105K employees, creating about 2.4 million paystubs totaling $8.64 billion annually.
Executive Mgmt

Selwyn Hollins

Michael Owh
Chief Deputy Director

1100 N. Eastern Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90063

Sabra Johnson
General Manager
Administration and Finance Service

Minh Le
General Manager
Energy & Environmental Service

Dean Gialamas
General Manager
Enterprise Performance & Accountability

Dave Wesolik
General Manager
Information Technology Service

Michael Eugene
General Manager
Operations Service

Lawrence Gann
General Manager
Purchasing & Contracts Services