Contracts Services

ISD's Contracts Services helps County departments develop various contract solicitation processes including Request for Proposals, Request for Statements of Qualifications and Statements of Work. ISD Contracts staff also assist departments in the entire solicitation process such as meeting with vendors, evaluating proposals and bids, coordinating solicitation protests and recommending contract awards to the Board of Supervisors.

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  • Solicitation assistance

    Assist departments with the entire contract process for the solicitation and award of service contracts.
  • Bid evaluation

    Develop evaluation criteria and work with departments on vendor selection and proposer's/bidder's conferences.
  • Contract compliance

    Monitor contracts to ensure compliance with applicable codes and regulations.
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Adherence to policy

ISD staff help to ensure that all departments understand and follow County, state and federal laws and policies to provide a fair and competitive procurement process.

Contractor compliance

Monitoring contracts for vendor compliance helps departments get the most value from their contracts, secure quality workmanship and ensure compliance with contractual provisions.

Contract expertise

ISD Contracts staff have decades of experience and knowledge of County contract policies, requirements and procedures and help departments have an effective contract solicitation process.