Technical Equip Maintenance

The ISD Technical Equipment Maintenance Section (TEMS) is the central support service provider for the County High-End Equipment Maintenance Agreements and the As-Needed Small Office Equipment Repair Master Agreements. The High-End agreements provide ongoing scheduled repair service, break-fix & preventative maintenance for a wide range of technical equipment including large scale multifunction printers, system hardware and software such as UPS equipment, IBM servers and EMC systems. The Small Office Master Agreements provide one-time break-fix repair services on a Time & Materials basis for a variety of small office equipment such as personal computers, tablets, desktop scanners and desktop paper shredders.

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  • Contract preparation

    Establishes Board Agreements to ensure cost-effective rates and performs ongoing monitoring.
  • Equipment tracking

    Maintains and distributes lists of equipment under maintenance via Equipment List and Pricing Schedule.
  • Financial analysis

    Determines County's annual expenditure limit for agreements and encumbrances and reviews invoices.
  • Small office equip repairs

    Oversees the administration of the As-Needed Small Office Equipment Repair Master Agreements.
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  • TEMS Service Team +

    Section Manager
    Cynthia Bogdanovich
    (562) 940-2145
    Assistant Section Managers
    Ninfa Landeros
    (562) 940-3876

    Susan McCollum
    (562) 940-4353
    Contract Program Monitors
    Scott Manchan
    (562) 940-4354

    Richard Nolte
    (562) 940-2292
    Service Analysts
    Gloria Gomez
    Felipe Munoz
    Josephine (Trina) Truong
  • Service Hours and Service Line +

    Monday-Friday 6am to 5pm

    TEMS SERVICE LINE (562) 940-4350

  • TEMS Service Contractors +

    High-End Equipment Maintenance

    Canon Solutions America - I104360
    LogixService dba Amtek - Various
    Xerox - I104343
    3M - I104344
    Bell & Howell - I104359
    UPSCO - I104345
    Schneider Electric - I103835
    Presstek, Inc. - I104347
    Hewlett-Packard - I103849
    IBM - I104365
    EMC - I104358

    As-Needed Small Office Equip Repairs

    Intratek - I104532
    Swifttech - I104533
    Automated Office Products - I104535
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Qualified staff

The TEMS service team consists of highly qualifed and knowledgeable staff with years of experience managing County support services contracts.

No annual PO

Utilizing TEMS for management of your equipment maintenance allows your department to receive services without a purchase order process.

Fixed rates and discounts

County departments have access to TEMS negotiated fixed rates for equipment repair and can take advantage of volume discounts.