Parking Services

ISD's Parking Services assists County departments in the development and implementation of plans to provide safe, adequate parking facilities for their clients, employees and visitors. Servicing County-owned parking facilities at over 26 locations throughout the County, Parking Services manages more than 14,000 parking spaces. In addition to public parking, Parking Services administers County parking permits for employees, contractors and guests.

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  • Parking permits

    Administration and distribution of County parking lot permits for employees, contractors and guests.
  • Parking lot management

    Manages more than 26 County-owned parking lots and structures including over 14,000 parking spaces.
  • Civic center parking plan

    Manages the Civic Center Parking Plan for the County's lots and structures located in downtown Los Angeles.
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Safe, clean parking

Management, maintenance and security of parking facilities ensures the safety of clients and employees as well as their vehicles.

Revenue generation

Administration of LA Civic Center parking facilities generates additional revenue for the County and provides public parking for events.

Public access to services

Adequate parking planning is essential to ensure that the public can obtain parking at County facilities to conduct business or obtain services.