County Mail Services

ISD Mail Services plays a central support role for the County and Courts in providing pick-up and delivery services for both internal and external communications. Utilizing centralized mail processing locations, spoke delivery, advanced technology and dedicated, expert staff, Mail Services maintains a long-standing reputation for providing prompt, high quality, courteous service in compliance with USPS and internal County requirements.

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  • Mail pick-up & delivery

    Service days and times are scheduled to meet internal or legal requirements of customers.
  • Internal mail tracking

    Special mail items can be tracked with numbered receipts including online tracking capabilities.
  • Metering & presort discounted postage

    Mail metering services including bar coding and presort postage discounts.
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Cost savings

Presort bundling is available to provide County departments with discount mailing rates and value-added services.

Mail tracking

Special handling for any internal mail item is available with numbered receipts and online tracking of item delivery.

Safe and friendly service

Our courteous and reliable staff provide careful handling, and confidential delivery from uniformed drivers with County ID badges.