Getting Started with Video

Onboarding Process

The Countywide Videoconferencing Services REQUIRE the following for the on-boarding process:

  1. Videoconferencing Assessment Request (VAR) Form - Based on ISD’s response to the Board Motion on July 26, 2012, a “thorough network and bandwidth utilization assessment for each County location” needs to be conducted PRIOR to any videoconferencing endpoint purchase(s). With that said, a MANDATORY (Network) Videoconferencing Assessment Request (VAR) will be completed for each NEW location that a video endpoint is being considered. It is recommended that each department FIRST complete the Videoconferencing Assessment Request (VAR) form and submit it via email to BEFORE any procurement request(s) are prepared to purchase videoconferencing endpoints. Upon receipt of your VAR form, it will be assigned a reference (VAR) number and then the VAR for the requested location(s) will be conducted.

  2. Videoconference Pre-deployment Checklist (VPC) Form - In addition to the VAR form, a location readiness assessment is also REQUIRED for each location that a videoconferencing endpoint is being considered. Therefore, it is also recommended that each department complete the SECOND form called the Videoconference Pre-deployment Checklist (VPC) for each prospective videoconferencing endpoint location IMMEDIATELY AFTER the submittal of your VAR form. Please email the completed VPC form to at your earliest convenience.

  3. Review of Findings - Within 3-5 County business days of receiving both the completed forms, i.e. VAR and VPC, the customer department will receive (electronic) copies of their completed VAR and VPC forms. An ISD/VVAD Video support team member will then follow-up with the department contact to discuss the results of the VAR and review the recommendations for the appropriate (videoconferencing endpoints) purchase for each location based on the findings. Once your location has been assessed as “video-ready” AND the videoconferencing endpoint purchase recommendations are discussed, you can proceed with the purchase of the appropriate videoconferencing device(s) you need at each location by using the Countywide Videoconferencing Purchase Program (CVPP).

  4. Countywide Videoconferencing Purchase Program CVPP - is a tool that allows you to purchase pre-approved videoconferencing devices at a set price. It also allows you to schedule the vendor to deliver and assemble your devices anywhere within your department. There are no negotiations with the vendors on the devices offered through this program. The following are the manufacturers that are part of the program: Cisco, Logitech, Polycom, Samsung, Sharp, and ViewSonic.

  5. Customer Department and Vendor Sign-Off Form & Device Registration - After your network has been approved to support video and the ordered devices have arrived. Using your preferred deployment method, i.e. ISD or CVPP vendor, your devices need to be implemented. The Customer Department and Vendor Sign-off form will need to be filled-out for every video endpoint that is installed. You will then need to register your devices, i.e. Jabber or Room-Based, by submitting the forms to ISD the video endpoints will work with the Countywide videoconferencing core. After this step your devices will use the videoconferencing core to make and receive calls internally and externally to customers. The following is a sampling of what you will have available to you:

  1. Ability to make and receive videoconferencing calls with other internal, i.e. County departments, and external, i.e. outside the County network, users/endpoints

  2. Ability to use CAC to schedule calls (24/7) 562-940-3305

  3. Make multiway video calls using the centralized video core MCU

  4. Countywide videoconferencing endpoints address book

  5. Ability to share content (show your desktop or files to others on video call)

  1. Warranty Maintenance & Support - If your endpoint device(s) require maintenance and support, the following are the available options:

Maintaining your endpoint device(s)

  1. You have the ability to you maintain warranty information on your own. If issues happen that causes your device(s), i.e. room systems, to stop performing in the capacity of operational functionality, you can call the vendor for support and the vendor will troubleshoot only operational features of your device(s).

They should NOT try to troubleshot network issues or functionality issues with the videoconferencing core.

  1. You can allow ISD to handle everything for you in supporting your devices with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Video Maintenance and Support Section. ISD will perform all vendor support calls and troubleshoot everything as part of the SLA.

Managing your devices

  1. ISD will manage your device(s) to ensure that they are always updated to the latest approved firmware that works with the Countywide videoconferencing core.

Necessary documentation for starting the process or making request for new users:

  • On-boarding Process
  • Form – Videoconferencing Assessment Request (VAR)
  • Form – Videoconference Pre-deployment Checklist (VPC)
  • Form – Jabber Registration
  • Form – Room-Based Endpoint Registration
  • Form – Department and Vendor Sign-Off
  • Form – Service Request

Reduce Travel

Linking staff at various geographic locations provides cost and staff savings by reducing the time and expense of travel to meetings, increasing staff productivity.

Get service on demand

ISD lets your organization quickly implement video conferencing systems without the cost and time of procurement, supplemental staffing or contract services.

Use multi-point conferences

Desktop and room-based systems provide high availability with Multi-point Conference Unit capabilities to facilitate multiple locations utilizing the Countywide network infrastructure.