Telephone Services

ISD provides County departments with end-to-end delivery – including hardware provisioning and installation – of telephone services to customer desktops and telephone network access. We also provide project management of telephone service solutions including mechanical drawings for sites and equipment and coordination of site prep for installation.

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  • Site prep, planning & cabling

    Detailed analysis of customer business needs, site drawings and equipment procurement.
  • Plans & maintenance

    Provision of dial and call plans including user role-based options, repair, maintenance and training.
  • Online billing & directories

    Availability of online billing details and support for County and carrier directory phone listings.
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Accessibility compliance

ISD provides telephone system solutions that comply with the County's security standards as well as policies for accessibility.

Cost savings

ISD telephone systems utilize the Countywide network infrastructure which provides cost savings through support of the County and carrier directory phone listings.

On-demand service

ISD telephone services allow your organization to quickly deploy telephone systems without the cost and time of procurement, supplemental staffing or contract services.