Business Analytics & Reporting

ISD's Countywide Business Analytics & Reporting (BA&R) service helps County departments and agencies turn data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into plans. Our turn-key Business Analytics & Reporting platform provides the ability to rapidly develop and implement analytics and reports, allowing you to focus on key business drivers which result in informed decisions and process improvements in a short period of time.

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  • BA&R systems access

    Countywide Business Analytics & Reporting environment provides access to sophisticated analysis and reporting.
  • Custom BA&R applications

    Plan, design and development of Business Analytics & Reporting and Data Warehouse systems to meet your needs.
  • Analytics and reporting

    Utilize advanced tools to create reports that help your managers and staff make better decisions.
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Countywide platform

ISD maintains a Countywide environment that includes server administration, performance monitoring and technical support to facilitate access to business analytics and reporting tools.

Improved decision-making

Sophisticated tools assist your organization in viewing, organizing and analyzing data, to provide insight into operations, services and performance measures.

Expertise & experience

ISD's technical analysts can help you understand how to capture the appropriate data and drive organizational change using performance management indicators.