Exec Management Services

The ISD Executive Management Services Division (EMSD) provides essential support to ISD management and divisions throughout the Department. As a vital link between the Department's leaders, operational staff and customers, EMSD helps implement Countywide programs, develops customer service initiatives, coordinates the Strategic Plan, maintains ISD workplaces and ensures that the Department stays in compliance with County procedures and controls.

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  • Planning & customer service

    Coordinates Countywide programs as well as ISD quality and customer service initiatives.
  • Facilities & emergency mgmt

    Manages ISD facilities including repairs, telephones, security and emergency planning and operations.
  • Internal affairs

    Oversees compliance with audit and control procedures and conducts all ISD internal investigations.
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Customer satisfaction

Through compilation of both performance measures and customer survey results, Executive Management Services helps ISD achieve its' mission of excellent service to customers.

Improves ISD communication

Managing the content of ISD websites helps keep everyone in ISD, as well as customers, up-to-date on achievements, benefit news and important department developments.

Protects ISD staff & facilities

Through management of ISD facilities, establishment of security procedures and investigation of fraudulent activity, EMS ensures the safety of both staff and ISD.