Welcome to the Los Angeles County Internal Services Department


Customer Applications Branch

The mission of the Customer Applications Branch (CAB) is to provide high quality project management, information technology expertise, application development and system maintenance support in a cost-effective manner to the Los Angeles County Departments.

CAB has two major lines of business:


Applications Programming, this consists of Application Development/Enhancement, and Application Maintenance. This includes, in addition to traditional application languages and database management systems (e.g., COBOL, Microsoft .Net, JAVA, Oracle DBMS, etc.), specialized development in business intelligence, geographic information systems, Microsoft SharePoint and CRM, County Portal, and enterprise content management.


Special Applications Platform Support. This includes:


Countywide Business Intelligence Support Services (CBI),

Microsoft Office SharePoint Service (SharePoint),

Enterprise-wide Geographical Information Systems (eGIS),

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Using project management best practices, coupled with the appropriate systems development methodology (e.g., traditional, prototypes, scrum, etc.) CAB technical staff can design, develop and maintain computer applications in multiple technologies. Staff is experienced in developing systems on mainframe and midrange (e.g., UNIX, Windows, Linux) computer platforms, using a number of database management systems (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM’s IMS, ADABAS, etc.).

The CAB Division and Section Managers focus on customer satisfaction and are knowledgeable with County processes and Departments’ lines of businesses. CAB management, and the CAB project managers and technical leads can assist departmental business managers in analyzing their needs and recommend information technology solutions to solve or enhance their department’s ability to service the public.

Customer Applications Branch (CAB) Divisions

CAB Manager – 562/940-2905

General Government Systems Division Manager – 562/940-3051

Health Care Systems Division Manager – 562/940-2003

Internet Development Division Manager – 562/940-2910

Information Systems Services Division Manager – 562/403-6520

Justice Systems Division Manager – 562/940-2978

Social Services Systems Division Manager – 562/940-2103

Special Applications Platform Support

Countywide Business Intelligence Support Services (CBI) – 562/940-2046

County Portal Support Services – 562/940-2910

Microsoft Office SharePoint Service (SharePoint) - 562/940-2978

Enterprise-wide Geographical Information Systems (eGIS) - 562/940-2103

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – 562/940-2046

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – 562/403-6520